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Operations Ribbon granted to those who qualify in auxiliary operations programs. Click on the link to go to the National Operations site (now the Response dept.)



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Flotilla Standing Rules



Members of the Auxiliary have the opportunity to train in six operational specialty courses. An AUXOP member has completed all six advanced specialty courses and is entitled to wear the special AUXOP device on the uniform. (Click on the device for more info.)



This is one of the ways that flotilla 04-08 tries to be different. We have an IT help desk & FSO-CS page! Fully implementing the idea of the e-Auxiliary, go to the Web Officer's Page at the FSO-CS link below for Internet, computer and Technology assistance.





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From the this ain't no "Paper Flotilla" dept: See the flotilla on duty & on the water at the Krewe of Bilge Parade here at furstphotos.com  further efforts to distance ourselves from a paper flotilla are HELO OPS support, and the extensive training described on the Surface Ops and Boat Crew pages.






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Federal Legal Authorities Regarding the Coast Guard Auxiliary posted here.

Flotilla Commander:

The Flotilla Commander's July 2007 report is here. The September 07 report is here.


Recruiting, maintaining personnel information. July2007 report is here.

Aids to Navigation:

Responsible for activities dealing with navigation aids, verification of Aids to Navigation, reporting of discrepancies in aids to navigation, chart discrepancies and chart updating information.


Encourage use of VHF-FM radio and promote participation in communication drills, including training exercises in search and rescue communications for vessels and aircraft. Work with units toward providing qualified Auxiliarists for standing communications watches. 06/13/2007 report posted here. 07 CM 2007 report is here, August07 here. At the august07 meeting the Comms officer also gave a member training session on the vertex radio that will be issued to some officers and available to the rest of us. The vertex specs are here.

Communication Services:

Serve as Flotilla webmaster, (FSO-CS) relay important electronic communication to officers and the general membership. The webmaster has a dedicated CS page here, where you can read an overall status of IT and internet concepts as they affect the flotilla, as well as download past reports. (And even current reports before officially presented)


Supervise all financial matters; maintain complete and understandable records of all financial transactions; maintain an annual budget; ensure that an annual unit audit is performed. July2007 report posted here. August 2007 here. September 07 here. 14NOV07 here, with addendum here.

May 07 Finance Officer's report is posted here, 06-13-07 report is posted here.

Information Systems:

Maintain a system to record all member activity in each mission category (i.e., Operations, Public Education, Member Training, AIM Project, etc.) and supervise reporting to higher Auxiliary levels and the individual member. As of 2008 the office and the CS office is held by the same person. Hopefully, this will increase integration of the two offices, and allow each to reinforce the other. Last year's IS Report of June2007 is posted here. First half of 2008 IT reports are combined with the CS officer's report. The IS/CS combination experiment was discontinued in midyear 2008.

Marine Dealer Visitor Program:

Make courtesy calls on area marine retailers who deal with boaters to provide available materials and information.

Marine Safety:

Coordinate the flotilla's activities in support of Marine Safety and Marine Environmental Protection programs as requested by the USCG, including environmental education to the public and assistance to the Marine Safety Office.


Maintain an inventory of current Auxiliary forms & literature, assist units and members in ordering educational materials, uniforms items, etc.

Member Training:

Paul Lumpkin is not only the member training officer for this flotilla, but the division, as well. Paul was co-author of the course and text "Basic Sailing & Seamanship", one of the USPS and US Coast Guard Auxiliary's most successful courses. July2007 report is here. Nov07 here.

May 2007 SO-MT report is here

Operations Officer:

Coordinating safety patrols, regatta patrols, chart updating patrols, support missions, etc. Operations are heavy on HELO OPS, support and coordination drills for helicopters out of Belle Chase JRB, and taking over 72hr standby SAR duties from the Active Duty side on weekends. Ensures that such activities are performed under current Coast Guard policy. Report of June2007 is posted here, with an addendum posted here. Operations Report Mar2008 here.

Public Affairs:

Develop and direct media activities and obtain publicity for Auxiliary units.

Public Education:

Responsible for scheduling, organization, and conduct of all public education classes and activities. July2007 report is here.


Record and publish minutes of meetings; maintain mailing lists, rosters, and current copy of standing rules.  An archive of past reports is available below by clicking on the highlighted link:

April2009June2009 SRreport (may mtg minutes); minutes06-10-09; uscgmins070809.doc; uscgmins081209.doc Sept09mins Oct09mins 


 SR report for April 2009 (march minutes)  Feb2009minutes  Sept2008report;  August08report  Oct2008  Nov2008 Extra: FSO staff mtg of 10dec2008 here

  FebMinutes2008. March minutes of 2008 are here. Minutes for April 2008  SR report for may2008.

  SR report Oct07  SR report for Nov2007  December2007 here.

Mtg minutes of August 2007 were presented in the FSO-SR report for September, posted here. Mtg minutes of July 2007 presented in the FSO-SR report for August, posted here.

There were no minutes taken at the 06-13-07 meting as the Secretary/Records did not attend. The sign-in sheet is posted here, miscellaneous documents from the meeting are this info on the NASA project  here, and a USCG congratulatory memo to the AUX on Boat OPS posted here.

Link to agenda for the Feb. 14th meeting -click here. The FSO-SR report for April (with the March mtg minutes) has been posted here.  Also, I have typed the FSO-SR notes on the feb 14th meeting  (that I gave at the March mtg) and posted them here

Flotilla Meeting, May 07 Agenda  here, Mtg minutes here. The SR report for the previous month's meeting here.

Vessel Examiner:

Oversee and coordinate the Vessel Safety Check program.   If directed, schedule specific vessel examination stations and activities.

July 2007 VE report is here. August 2007 here.  The VE report for 11 September 07 is posted here, October 07 report is  here.


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