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Operations Ribbon granted to those who qualify in auxiliary operations programs. Click on the link to go to the National Operations site (now the Response dept.)


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Helo Ops (Helicopter Support / co-ordination Training)

 The NEW Marine Safety Ribbon for those completing the  Marine Safety Program and training towards the Trident device. A page on the  Coast Guard Auxiliary obsolete ribbons is here.  (and while we're at it, a link to current ribbons, devices, uniforms, and insignia of the US Coast Guard auxiliary is here...)



Urgent!! Appeal to Ham Radio operators and those willing to become Ham operators.....


New!! Aux Emergency Communications page



Members of the Auxiliary have the opportunity to train in six operational specialty courses. An AUXOP member has completed all six advanced specialty courses and is entitled to wear the special AUXOP device on the uniform. (Click on the device for more info


Marine Radio Frequencies Page.


Hurricane Frequencies 



Website Communication Services 

Flotilla 4-08 Slidell, 8th District (CR)
Slidell, Louisiana


Graphs, Webstats, and Hits

      The FSO-CS has discontinued the practice of tallying the total number of "hits", i.e., visitors, to the website every month. It was a measurement that was getting less and less accurate, on both servers, due to policies at the hosting sites. It was also not very relevant to most members. Most members want us to have a site, but only care that it gives good info, draws interest, and draws people to consider joining. Viewership goes up and down, like the stock market, but the auxiliary goes on.




"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."  - Robert Orben


Tab Names

     I will eventually get a little more industrious with the tab names for each page. Those of you using tabbed browsers may have noticed that the tabs have a small line with the name of the page. It does not display the file name of the page, but the page name given. The default is usually "new page 2", etc, and that is what gets displayed on the tab unless changed. I will eventually fix this, but the fixes so far have interfered with the active content on the pages, or the alignment of paragraphs, both of which are far more important than the page name displaying correctly on the tab. Once I start programming in a different (and more up-to-date) computer language, I may be able to find a better solution.

     UPDATE: The particular "active content" was not compatible with the web page authoring software. (Most pages were originally authored in MS frontpage due to price.) Since frontpage is no longer supported by microsoft, I now use a different program that is more toleratant of active scripts.

     Most pages now have tab names, and the issue is considered fixed. The site has many pages, however, some of which sit dormant and forgotten sometimes. If you run across a page or tab without a name, or the old "new page 2" nomenclature, please let me know!



Spear-Phising, for those not at the Feb meeting:


     Many of you may know that "phishing" on the internet means trying to get personal identity information, name, dob, ssn, and etc, by tricking net users into giving it to you. The data is used to open credit accounts, get free website accounts, and other nefarious activities in your name. I've noticed that most members in the flotilla are good about never even opening e-mail from people they don't know. I just wanted to point out that a new phenomenon is going around called "spear-phising" in which the attempts are personalized enough to make you think it comes from someone who knows you, you click on the link to a professional looking site that has a form where you can put all your personal info. The highly targeted nature of the "phish" scam is the spear. Your email, name and address are easy for people to get, it doesn't mean they know you, and don't fall for it. 




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