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Unit Summary January2008

Unit Summary Febraury2007

Unit Summary Report for February2008






CS report for May07 (stats as of 16apr07)

June 07 CS report is here.

July 07 CS report is here.

CS report for August 07 is here.

CS report for Sept 07 is here.

October's 07 CS report is here.

November's 2007 CS report located here.

December 2007 CS report can be found here



Operations Ribbon granted to those who qualify in auxiliary operations programs. Click on the ribbon to go to the National Operations website, (the "O' dept) at:  http://www.auxodept.org



 IS & CS report for February 2008 here.

 IS & CS report for January 2008 here.


New!! Obsolete ribbons chart of the USCG Aux




IS and CS report presented at the March 2008 meeting.

(I've been posting the upcoming web officer's report about a week before each meeting's official presentation as a reward to those who use the site. It's two days short of a week this time.)



"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."  - Robert Orben


          Minor changes have been made to the website in the last month. Mostly to keep info current, or change a generic picture of auxies to one of local flotilla members. I still need a picture of a "regatta patrol" to replace a generic picture on the site. I have very few pictures from 2008, and would like enough to have a "2008 photo album" at the end of the year.

I have begun including Unit Summary data in the IT report, and have mailed out Individual Annual Summaries for fiscal year 2007. If you did not receive one, let me know.

I have moved the officer's page with archived officer reports to the secure section, while replacing it with a "for the public" equivalent (and reduced functionality) in it's place. I have done the same with the CS, IS, and help desk pages. Since I want computer help desk privileges to be a benefit of auxiliary membership, it's only right that it be restricted to Coast Guard and affiliated organization members only.


This Month's Stats:


     As of 02/17/08, we have had 619 page views in the last 30 day period, so we're down a bit from last month, but still have a lot of users finding it worth a visit.

.    As of 02/17/08 the new site is 14 months old,  and it's pages have been viewed over 10,723 times. Our webpages hold 1852.7 Mega Bytes (just short of 2 Gigabytes!) of information, not counting the other pages and websites contained in the links on our site.  


Unit Summary:

     We have 17 hours of operations time in 5 patrols for February, which is up from this time last year (14) and almost equals the 19 hours in5 patrols of last month. (Keep in mind, we had two less days in February to do it in, than last month.) These statistics, and more, in the Unit Summary report links. The Unit Summary also has statistics on misc hours, RBS, Public Education, VSC's and etc....

Help Desk: 

     Current tickets: Member wanting to know how to send a broadcast e-mail.

Explained the procedure and how to “Bcc” so each recipient receives the email but not the addresses of all the other recipients.

     Member having problems printing out the flotilla list without each page chopping off the top.

Reformatted the file with increased margins and emailed. 

     Anyone in the flotilla with technology issues please phone the FSO-CS at reasonable hours or e-mail FSO-CS at any hour. I’ll get back to you and help resolve the issue as soon as possible.

     Although I keep saying "anyone in the flotilla", the Help Desk is also available to assist members of other national and local emergency response agencies that the flotilla considers affiliated with our organization, or our organization's missions and purposes.

     We have noticed that a lot of password and userID issues that users are having result from the number "one", a capital "i" or a lower case "L" all the look the same: a vertical bar. (l). This happens a lot in autogenerated temporary passwords. I have found that the best way to deal with this is to copy and paste the password so no matter what the character is, it will be entered correctly - and with much less frustration.

    Just one more thought: All of the people involved in the IT department and the databases are just like you, a volunteer. We make no claims at being error free and appreciate all the proof reading you can do.



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