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Unit Summary for May 2008

Unit Summary for June 2008


Unit Summary for MidYear2007

Unit Summary for MidYear2008



November's 2007 CS report located here.



IS and CS report presented at the Sept 2008 meeting.



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Unit Summary: Mid-Year

     Being that end of June ends the first half of the year, I've also run the Unit Summary for 2007 mid point vs 2008. There were 24 patrols for 123 ops hours in '07 and it's up to 36 patrols for 331 ops hours in 2008. And it's not just Ops. VSC's were 50 in '07, now we're up to 59. PE hrs were 22 at this point last year, but are up to a staggering 82 hours this year. "Other" hours are up this year from 1,559 to 2,128.

     The Flotilla has 10 facilities in it's fleet and another 6 separate radio facilities. 9 coxswains, 9 crew and a QE. We have a total of 37 active members after the 4 who have transferred out.




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