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Unit Summary for March 2008

Unit Summary for April  2008

Unit Summary for April 2007



CS report for Sept 07 is here.

October's 07 CS report is here.

November's 2007 CS report located here.

December 2007 CS report can be found here



Operations Ribbon granted to those who qualify in auxiliary operations programs. Click on the ribbon to go to the National Operations website, (the "O' dept) at:  http://www.auxodept.org


IS & CS report for April 2008 is here.

IS & CS report for March 2008 is here.

 IS & CS report for May 2008 is here.


New!! Obsolete ribbons chart of the USCG Aux




IS and CS report to be presented at the June 2008 meeting.

(I've been posting the upcoming web officer's report about a week before each meeting's official presentation as a reward to those who use the site. It's a little short of 2 weeks this time.)



"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."  - Robert Orben



       It was stated in last month's report that the page view counter had been fixed on the service holding our site, and that I would monitor it. Although it is "counting", it shows only 124 "hits" for the month, when we normally average around 600. It could be that the count is down, a different, or more accurate method is being used, or that it's not working properly. The site has not changed much recently, and it could be that readership is actually down....but I'm going with the "it's not working" theory cause my fragile self concept likes that theory better....

       My usual thanks for those who send me pictures for the site! It wouldn't be the same without them!


.    As of 05/17/08 the new site is 15 months old,  and it's pages have been viewed over 11,435 times. Our webpages hold 1866.7 Mega Bytes (just short of 2 Gigabytes!) of information, not counting the other pages and websites contained in the links on our site.  


Unit Summary:

     I have not bothered to run a unit summary report for May, as we were mostly recovering from the surge of April and March. We had 39 hours of operations time from 8 patrols in April 2008, which was up from this time last year (12 hours from 2 patrols) but does not surpass the records we set last in March - 82 hours in 11 patrols. (Surprising, given the standardization training in the last week of April, but March was a real record setting month for us....) These statistics, and more, in the Unit Summary report links. The Unit Summary also has statistics on misc hours, RBS, Public Education, VSC's and etc....


Help Desk: 

     There were no open or pending tickets on the help desk in May. Tech Support is standing by for anyone in the flotilla with technology issues or problems by calling 504-905-1274 at reasonable hours or emailing eirikr1@ureach.com at any hour. Iíll get back to you and help resolve the issue as soon as possible.

     Although I keep saying "anyone in the flotilla", the Help Desk is also available to assist members of other national and local emergency response agencies that the flotilla considers affiliated with our organization, or our organization's missions and purposes.







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