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Unit Summary for MidYear2007

Unit Summary for MidYear2008



March's 2009 CS  report  is here.

April's 2009 CS  report  is here.

May''s 2009 CS report is here.






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"To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so."  - Robert Orben      


.    As of June 9th, the new site is 26 months old,  and it's pages have been viewed over 12,550 times. Our webpages hold 1,868.4 Mega Bytes (just short of 2 Gigabytes!) of information, not counting the other pages and websites contained in the links on our site.  There were 52 hits on the site this month, so the viewership was way below average in May. This may be due to the calendar not being as up to date as it used to be. I'm trying to get it, and keep it, up to date more often.

Spear-Phising, for those not at the Feb meeting:

     Many of you may know that "phishing" on the internet means trying to get personal identity information, name, dob, ssn, and etc, by tricking net users into giving it to you. The data is used to open credit accounts, get free website accounts, and other nefarious activities in your name. I've noticed that most members in the flotilla are good about never even opening e-mail from people they don't know. I just wanted to point out that a new phenomenon is going around called "spear-phising" in which the attempts are personalized enough to make you think it comes from someone who knows you, you click on the link to a professional looking site that has a form where you can put all your personal info. The highly targeted nature of the "phish" scam is the spear. Your email, name and address are easy for people to get, it doesn't mean they know you, and don't fall for it.





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