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Operations Ribbon granted to those who qualify in auxiliary operations programs. Click on the link to go to the National Operations site (now the Response dept.)




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 The NEW Marine Safety Ribbon for those completing the  Marine Safety Program and training towards the Trident device. A page on the  Coast Guard Auxiliary obsolete ribbons is here.  (and while we're at it, a link to current ribbons, devices, uniforms, and insignia of the US Coast Guard auxiliary is here...)







Division 4, 8th District (CR)
Sector New Orleans, Louisiana

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

This is a Member's Only section where "not exactly open to the public" documents are to be posted. 

TheoreticalCvgANO_CNORptrs.pdf   TheoreticalCvgNOrepeater.jpg 

Last years callsigns list has been removed, and is currently being reworked by the comms officer. I will post it here when it is finalized.

see also this document on RadioChannelDescriptions.doc that tells you how each channel is programmed, what it does, and what it's for.

Additionally, the Ham radio "club call sign" for Flotilla 48 is  NN5CG

I do not currently have Ham signs for any other flotillas, but will post them when I find out.

The custodian for the NN5CG organization license is George SantaCruz, George SantaCruz is WA4CG

Frank Skiles (an officer of the W5SLA organization and the auxiliary) is WA5VCS 


This is a reminder that there is a weekly Auxiliary Radio Net
held on the Auxiliary New Orleans repeater. If you have one of the Vertex
radios it is the ANO channel. The nets are held at 2030 local time every
Tuesday. This is a controlled net so please wait for the net control
operator to open the net and ask for check-ins. The procedure for this net is as

- Net Control Opens Net
- Call for any Emergency, Medical or Priority Traffic
- Call for any Active Duty Coast Guard members/Station New Orleans
- Call for any Auxiliary Members who are AUXCOM Qualified

When you first check in you should only give your call sign and
wait to give any comments until recognized by the net control operator. When
you are recognized by net control please remember to give your Callsign,
Name and Location. You are also welcome to make any announcements of
interest to the group such as your upcoming Flotilla meeting or any special
activities your Flotilla has planned.

There are many radios out there capable of checking into the weekly radio net and we welcome more participation. This is a good chance 
to check your equipment and also check the coverage of our Auxiliary New Orleans Repeater.

Also, at 2100 Local Time there is also an Amateur Radio Net on the 146.860 Repeater located on the WVUE Tower in Chalmette for those who would like to participate or listen in. 


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NOAA GOES Archive (unofficial)


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